[REVIEW] Tracya: The Abyss (debut album!) @ Beach Sloth (UK)



“Tracya’s “The Abyss” is a fully immersive experience of highly thoughtful, intricate  layers of sound. Effortlessly tying together ambient, IDM, and techno into a dazzling whole the songs radiate warmth. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance as the melodies are rather gorgeous in nature, being tweaked ever so slightly to create a constantly shifting mood. How Tracya lets these pieces evolve gives them a naturalistic hue.  By giving these songs an ample terrain to explore, at times Tracya’s work feels highly reminiscent of early Warp Records releases”

[REVIEW] Snowing on Lava discussed @ Beach Sloth (UK)



“Nicely deconstructing rave culture through the inclusion of field recordings, nods to classical, and most importantly a sense of pacing, the album at times has a mixtape spirit to it. A sense of play permeates the entirety of the album as Martino Nencioni never dwells too long in any place. Even among his most infectious grooves (of which there are plenty) he remains keenly aware of the need to move. Thus the album is in a constant state of flux.”

[REVIEW] Snowing on Lava by M. Nencioni on Frequencies !


“Un’elettronica che non ha paura di allungare la strada prendendo direzioni diverse durante il percorso, cercando se stessa tra le radici del genere (per Alpha Centauri sempre dritti) e gli slanci di periodi in cui il futuro era nettamente visibile. Meditazione, spinte edonistiche e fughe celebrali ispirate all’IDM britannica, …”