[PREMIERE’&INTERVIEW] Son of Marketing premieres “Existence” taken from “Le Temps d’un Rêve” by Jam’s


“We introduced different times releases from 51beats. The indipendent label was born in 2008 having the mission to promote high quality, innovative, and emotional electronic music without distinctions among genres. They celebrate their 10th birthday with a new release from Jam’s. Le Temps d’un Rêve is out on March 1st.

We have the pleasure to premiere the track “Existence”. We also had a talk with 51beats handlers about their work of these 10 years. “


[OUT 1 March 2018] Jam’s: Le Temps d’un Rêve


[2008-2018] Jam’s will mark the 51beats’ 10 years anniversary with a touching piano-based ambient release of unique deepness and melancholy. In 2010, during the first quite exceptional participation of 51beats to the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris, we got in contact with Jam’s, which later released his debut-album “Homeless Soul” with us. It is an immense pleasure to host Jam’s again on 51beats to celebrate our first 10 years.
[Music by Jam’s | Cover art by Thierry Castanier]

[SELECTION] EUPHONICS opens 2018 with a selection from Crayon Mortel!



Crayon Mortel who takes the reins for the first half of the release, getting things underway courtesy of ’Everything has to end somewhere’, a luscious jam with echoes of Gui Boratto at his Kompakt best. A track that quickly emerges into the sort of ethereal cut that Four Tet would be proud of, it’s immediate form the off that this is electronic music with soul. ‘Blossoms’ keeps matters ticking over with more twinkling melodies and unusual soundscapes, before ‘Cantalupe’ is characterised by its clever synth stabs and shrewd vocals. Mortel’s final contribution here is ‘The Third Night’. Another track that emphasises the producer’s eclecticism, it glides at a wonderful pace before it engulfs the listener in a warm glow. Truly stunning stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

DAWN-DUSK by Crayon Mortel&Tracya now available on 51beats !